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Monday, December 7, 2009

"Ring the Bells" ,a worship celebration,went well last night. a tremendous attendance and a wonderful spirit of worship. thanks to those of you who gave your very best in making this a successful production.

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Blog from phone

Just seeing if I can blog from my phone. Hopefully I can keep this sight more updated. Thanks for checking.

Monday, June 8, 2009

Annual 4Ball at Columbia Country Club

the 4ball festivities kick off this friday with a shootout that morning and skins game that afternoon. that evening there will be a putting contest and a long drive contest as well. i will be playing with russ foxworth again this year to team up for what will hopefully be a better finish than last year. we did good on saturday but not on sunday. i hope that we can close the show with a better finish. we played together earlier this year in the ben berry buddy ball at columbia country club and were lucky enough to come in first place. i hope we can pick up where we left off. i will have to miss out on my next AGT tournament at brookhaven being the fact that they are taking place on the same weekend. it should be a lot of fun as usual.

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

The Mississippi Masters - Windance CC

i played one of the prettiest golf courses in mississippi this past weekend. the amateur golf tour held the "mississippi masters" at windance country club in gulfport ms. on saturday. this was only the 4th tournament that i have played this season of 7, but couldn't pass up the opportunity for a double points major.
i started out horribly going +4 after three holes. but 15 holes and 4 birdies later i netted a 78. this was good enough for a tie for 1st place which went to the scorecards. a scorecard playoff determines the winner based on how two tied played the hardest hole on the course. i was lucky enough to birdie it and capture the masters title on the par 5 #16. it moved me to 3rd place in the A flight point standings. check out the standings here not bad for only playing 4 tournaments to the leaders 7. headed to brookhaven cc next then dancing rabbit.

Monday, April 27, 2009

Strolling Down Memory Lane

i led worship for the 60th anniversary homecoming at calvary baptist church in columbia yesterday....a church i grew up in. it was great to see so many people i haven't seen in several years. i got to see one of my favorite people in the world preach yesterday. his name is robert toney. robert pastored calvary around 15 years ago. we both shared a dear friend who is no longer with us in mr. marvin polk. mr. marvin did a lot for calvary baptist and did a lot for us as young and upcoming ministers by way of supporting us financially in school. he and others were recognized in the service for their influence in peoples lives. it was an honor to be asked to participate and my prayers are with this church as they serve the Lord in the future.

Monday, April 13, 2009

Priority Perspective

trevor should have been putting that green jacket on kenny perry yesterday. kenny had a 2 shot lead going into the last 2 holes of the championship and then proceeded to go bogey, bogey. it got him into a 3 way playoff but most of us new it was over before it began. angel cabrera on the other hand had nerves of steel. he even pulled out a par on the first playoff hole from the woods behind a tree. what could've been. kenny would have become the oldest person to ever win a major championship at 48 yrs of age. the oldest mark is held by none other than jack niclaus when he won the '86 masters at the age of 46. kenny was quoted as saying that great players can close the door when it needs to be done and average players don't. though he qualified himself as average, he is far from it with 13 career pga victories. he also said that if this is the worst thing that happens to him in his career or in life, then it's really not that bad when put in perspective. he said, "i get to play golf for a living. my mom's dying with cancer and my dad is not doing well." things when placed in "priority perspective" helps the smaller things in life more palatable.

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

April 8th - Dad turns 60!

what a milestone birthday! we had a great day this past monday playing golf at canebrake in a tournament scramble. dad considered that to be his birthday present. we had a great time and finished 3rd in the championship flight. i hope that he has a great one!

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Opening Day Ceremony

this past saturday andrew had his opening day ceremony for his first year of tee ball. as you can see, he is really enjoying waving the flag while sporting his new uniform. his game was a lot of fun to watch last night. it was also the first time that he has hit left handed. the coaches did not realize that andrew hit for power left handed because of the fact that he is right handed. hopefully they will work on his swing a little more now that he is batting from the right position. one of the funniest things of the night was his actions in the on deck circle. while waiting on his turn to bat, andrew decides to practice his golf swing with his baseball bat. he plays golf left handed and i guess when the coaches told him to take some practice swings, he decided to practice them the way he felt most a golf swing. it was a lot of fun and i am really excited about this season. he really looked like a ball player out there!

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

By the Way, You Just Resigned

there was a local worship leader who was informed this past week that he resigned. according to him, there was no explanation but was encouraged to "just take the money." although there are two sides to every story, it's rather unfortunate that it has to come to this in the christian arena. don't ask me how to fix it. guess we should just get the old wrist band bracelets back out and ask what jesus would do. or we could just have donald trump come down and fire the worst ones. at least he might could provide a better explanation than some churches.


"t nite's first tng episode is a chic flik, featureing deanna, a vulcan doctor, and a beautiful scientist who turns out 2 b a robot."

Tuesday, March 31, 2009

The Masters is Here, What a Great Time of Year!

this years masters will probably be one of the most watched golf tournaments in the last several years. the golf channel and cbs are relishing in the fact that tiger woods will again be the favorite and that it will be his first major since one of the most exciting us opens ever. last weeks dramatic win at the arnold palmer invitational at bay hill has upped the anticipation even more (as if it needed it) leading into the week before the masters. the dream matchup for the networks will be a sunday finish between phil and tiger. phil is coming off of a win of his own at doral in the world golf championship. phil looks to be hitting the ball better and tiger is just about warmed up. the question is whether or not one of these dark horse young men will steal the spotlight and clinch a win underneath these two golf giants. names that come to mind are camilo villegas, nick watney, shaun o'hair, jeff ogilve, and padraig harrington to name a few. after all, padraig has one the last two majors he has played in not to mention that he is coming off of winning pga player of the year honors. however, he has had a lackluster start to '09. lots of exciting golf coming up for golf fans. i'll be watching.

Monday, March 30, 2009

Lucky Penny, Lucky Day

well, the day finally came. i had come close several times and even hold out from the fairway for a few 2's but had never made the coveted "hole in one" until friday. the day started off good. though we had had a lot of rain the night before, it was still suspect whether or not the conditions would be good enough to play. andrew and i got up early to pick my dad up at the kia place to have his car worked on. we then proceeded to ward's (andrew's restaurant of choice) to have a breakfast meal payed for by dad. when we got through, i happened to see a penny, lincoln side up, in the parking lot. i occasionally will pick up a penny for good luck though i have never been one to be guilty of superstition. we got in our vehicle and headed to andrew's school and dropped him off and then left for the golf course. we considered the wet conditions, but other than being wet it was a beautiful day. we played the first couple of holes and then were joined by one of dad's neighbor's.....ron panda. ron joined play on hole 3 and then we approached what is now my favorite hole. shadow ridge #4 par 3. my yardage device pinseeker measured the pin at 147. there was no wind and i knew i could hit my 9 iron off the tee about 150 yds. off the ground its usually a solid 145. i hit the tee shot and knew it was pretty good but i didn't know if it was far enough. the pin was tucked front left. i played a little right to left draw and it bounced a couple of times finally biting until it rolled and disappeared. what a lucky shot! my first hole in one came off of a great shot witnessed by scooter day and ron panda. i had always hoped that if i made one that my dad would be there. who knew that penny would pay off?

Thursday, March 26, 2009

Andrew's Blurb of the Day

i just got a tetanus shot at the doctor. andrew was with me and exclaimed, "If he's getting a shot then I want a sucker."

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Notre 'Bama

there is a little uproar going on regarding the the may 17 commencement speech by the president at notre dame. the catholic university has
received criticism for having the president of the united states come and give this speech due to the fact that there are fundamental differences in philosophy when it comes to abortion and stem cell research. basically, these nay sayers believe that our president is disqualified to speak at a university. though i differ with the presidents philosophy, i believe that these for instances are what continue to polarize our nation. it was probably poor judgement on behalf of the leadership at notre dame, but i highly doubt he will be giving a speech on pro-choice stances or the benefits of stem cell research. everyone is probably wondering why we christians don't get on board and pounce on notre dame for this. i don't think he is going to spew his liberalism all over the place. he will probably give a very motivating speech on achievement and success that will motivate these graduates to accomplish their goals. after all, he knows a little bit about that subject doesn't he?

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

It's OK to Play

i read an interesting article this morning in USA today about the importance of "playing" during these difficult, economic times. its interesting to me, and confirmation, that a lot of depression creeps up on people when they do not have an "out" from their everyday way of life. now don't get me wrong, but some people are wired in such a way that they do not need extracurricular activities outside their job and family. one reason this is the case, i believe, is that they get their fulfillment from those things. they love their job and they look forward to being with their family. in a perfect world this would be the case. however, how many people get little to no satisfaction from their job? their job is exactly what it is....a job. it's also sad to say that there are a lot of people who dread going home every day. though it is certainly a shame, it still is a reality. people don't get along with their spouses and their children drive them up the wall.
so....with all that being said, i think that for some people, play time is important. it relieves the stress from their lives and takes them away from reality for just a moment. possibly the very moment that relieves hypertension, depression, and the every day stress that life has to offer. even though this might be of a more adult piece of conversation, the report (article) also says that sex (more importantly romance) can be a refuge to help couples combat stress and depression. it goes on to say that couples are essentially freeing themselves and relaxing when they allow for sexual intimacy in their lives.
nevertheless, i hope that we never get caught up in the every day stress of life to the point that it takes us away from the playful things that get our endorphins going. most of us still forget that Jesus said, "i have come to give you life, and give to you more abundantly." that essentially means life to the fullest. i hope to not be one dimensional in my life. i believe that god has given us these good pleasures for a reason and that they are meant to be rehabilitating if you will. they are definitely not meant to take the place of god and what he himself has to offer. he is the one that gives the abundant life. however, i do believe that the wonderful things of life are a bi product of his grace and love for us to enjoy. not to take the place of, but to remind us of the generosity that he gives to each of us.

Monday, March 23, 2009

By The Skin of My Teeth

the match play tournament began this past weekend at shadow ridge. this event kind of sets up like an ncaa tournament bracket. the people with the lower handicaps are the lower seeds and the ones with the higher handicaps are the higher. the great equalizer (if you want to call it that) is that the lower handicap golfers have to give the higher ones strokes on the hardest holes. the formula for figuring out how many is you take the higher handicap and subtract it from the lower handicap and there is your number. for example, i had to play bill ivey who is a 16 handicap. i am currently an 8. if you subtract 8 from 16 then you have the number of strokes on the hardest holes that i would have to give him (8). there is only one amendment to that formula. if one opponent plays another opponent from a more difficult tee location, then he can subtract 3 strokes from the higher handicap. the higher handicap golfers play from the shorter tee location (whites). the lower handicap golfer have an option to play from the longer tee location (blues) and subtract 3 strokes from the higher handicap. now that we are all straight, i chose to play from the blues which made the final stroke total a 5 stroke advantage for mr. ivey on the 5 hardest holes.
so here is how it went. i had to give him stroke on holes 5, 7, 9, 10, & 15. by the time we got to hole 5 we were even. i won hole 1, tied holes 2 & 3, and lost 4 on a 4 ft putt (makes me mad). i lost holes 5, 6, 7 (seven he had a stroke) which put me 3 down. i proceeded to win hole 8 but gave it back by losing 9 which was a stroke hole. i am down 3 at the turn. i then lost 10, giving up a stroke, and when into hole 11 down 4. if you are not familiar with golf, being 4 down is horrible. but, going into 11 i turned it around. i won 11, 12, 13 (he double hit which is a 2 stroke penalty on that hole) 14 and went into 15 with it back at all square (which means we are even or tied). 15 was his last stroke hole. he bogeyed leaving me with a 10 footer for par to tie since he had a stroke. i drained in which kept it at all square going into 16. i birdied 16 to go 1 up and we tied 17 with pars. the match was dorme for me (which means that i am 1 up with 1 hole to play). if we tie i win, if he wins we go to extra holes. to make a long story longer (just kidding.....not really) i birdied 18 to win the match 2 up. a miraculous turn around that almost got the best of me. if i play like i did this past saturday against anyone else, i will definitely lose. i just got the late breaks and he got the early ones. well, better late than never.

Thursday, March 19, 2009

To Be, or Not to Be

rick reilly, of espn, just posted an article questioning whether tiger woods would really go down as the best golfer of all time. an early entrance at the accenture match play and a lackluster performance at doral seems to have got people stirred up about whether tiger has it any more. are you kidding? after two performances with a long lay-off and surgery and these things already come to mind? can't we at least wait till the majors to assess things like this. tiger doesn't even warm up till the majors get here. besides, the one thing that he didn't do last week is putt. that'll come back easy.
reilly seemed to elude to the fact that jack was sitting a little more easy about his place in history and that his major record might still be intact. upon asked whether the nicklaus speed bump is growing, nicklaus replied, "i really don't know." "tiger's got an unbelievable work ethic, and he's so fit. but that knee makes it a little less certain." we all know that jack doesn't want his records broken. he even willingly admits it. he has stated that he wants tiger to be healthy so the injury will not be an issue of whether or not he can achieve "major" greatness. what jack is saying is after all this is said and done, i want to come out ahead of a healthy tiger so the discussion will be over. jack even went on to say that he had a lot more competition than tiger does. arnold, gary player, trevino, watson (all who have 6 or more majors each) provided jack with a lot of competition. today's contenders (phil, vijay, ernie) have 3 majors each. jack eludes to the fact that tigers contenders didn't have what his contenders did back in the day. however, i believe that if you are good enough then you force people out of contention. how many times would these guys had won if tiger hadn't been out there. so it's a matter of perspective. jack was nervous when the tiger of 2000 was coming along. the 2009 tiger is giving him some hope. what's ridiculous is that tiger hasn't played in a major since the last one he played in. by the way, he won it with a broke leg JACK!