Wednesday, April 1, 2009

By the Way, You Just Resigned

there was a local worship leader who was informed this past week that he resigned. according to him, there was no explanation but was encouraged to "just take the money." although there are two sides to every story, it's rather unfortunate that it has to come to this in the christian arena. don't ask me how to fix it. guess we should just get the old wrist band bracelets back out and ask what jesus would do. or we could just have donald trump come down and fire the worst ones. at least he might could provide a better explanation than some churches.

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Tammy said...

Man, how sad. You know how I feel about how ministers get treated sometimes - it brings out the worst in me! (Or maybe the best because I am so protective of them.) I just don't think people realize what dangerous ground they are one when they mistreat the Lord's anointed ones. The worst part is, nine times out of ten there is no Biblical reason for letting them go - it's usually the typical petty whiney junk that goes on. Satan has a field day with it. OK, I'm done venting - hope you're safe in this weather! Lots of Love from the Smiths. :)