Monday, April 13, 2009

Priority Perspective

trevor should have been putting that green jacket on kenny perry yesterday. kenny had a 2 shot lead going into the last 2 holes of the championship and then proceeded to go bogey, bogey. it got him into a 3 way playoff but most of us new it was over before it began. angel cabrera on the other hand had nerves of steel. he even pulled out a par on the first playoff hole from the woods behind a tree. what could've been. kenny would have become the oldest person to ever win a major championship at 48 yrs of age. the oldest mark is held by none other than jack niclaus when he won the '86 masters at the age of 46. kenny was quoted as saying that great players can close the door when it needs to be done and average players don't. though he qualified himself as average, he is far from it with 13 career pga victories. he also said that if this is the worst thing that happens to him in his career or in life, then it's really not that bad when put in perspective. he said, "i get to play golf for a living. my mom's dying with cancer and my dad is not doing well." things when placed in "priority perspective" helps the smaller things in life more palatable.

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Mark Celoria said...

Dude, you started blogging about the time I took a break. Let's keep it up.