Monday, March 30, 2009

Lucky Penny, Lucky Day

well, the day finally came. i had come close several times and even hold out from the fairway for a few 2's but had never made the coveted "hole in one" until friday. the day started off good. though we had had a lot of rain the night before, it was still suspect whether or not the conditions would be good enough to play. andrew and i got up early to pick my dad up at the kia place to have his car worked on. we then proceeded to ward's (andrew's restaurant of choice) to have a breakfast meal payed for by dad. when we got through, i happened to see a penny, lincoln side up, in the parking lot. i occasionally will pick up a penny for good luck though i have never been one to be guilty of superstition. we got in our vehicle and headed to andrew's school and dropped him off and then left for the golf course. we considered the wet conditions, but other than being wet it was a beautiful day. we played the first couple of holes and then were joined by one of dad's neighbor's.....ron panda. ron joined play on hole 3 and then we approached what is now my favorite hole. shadow ridge #4 par 3. my yardage device pinseeker measured the pin at 147. there was no wind and i knew i could hit my 9 iron off the tee about 150 yds. off the ground its usually a solid 145. i hit the tee shot and knew it was pretty good but i didn't know if it was far enough. the pin was tucked front left. i played a little right to left draw and it bounced a couple of times finally biting until it rolled and disappeared. what a lucky shot! my first hole in one came off of a great shot witnessed by scooter day and ron panda. i had always hoped that if i made one that my dad would be there. who knew that penny would pay off?

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The Pack said...

Congrats on the Shot of the day! Jesus said that you earned it and that may all your friends make one too! Several of your friends have already done it, so the club is still growing! May we see many more in the years to come and sure glad you are back at The Ridge! Steve