Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Notre 'Bama

there is a little uproar going on regarding the the may 17 commencement speech by the president at notre dame. the catholic university has
received criticism for having the president of the united states come and give this speech due to the fact that there are fundamental differences in philosophy when it comes to abortion and stem cell research. basically, these nay sayers believe that our president is disqualified to speak at a university. though i differ with the presidents philosophy, i believe that these for instances are what continue to polarize our nation. it was probably poor judgement on behalf of the leadership at notre dame, but i highly doubt he will be giving a speech on pro-choice stances or the benefits of stem cell research. everyone is probably wondering why we christians don't get on board and pounce on notre dame for this. i don't think he is going to spew his liberalism all over the place. he will probably give a very motivating speech on achievement and success that will motivate these graduates to accomplish their goals. after all, he knows a little bit about that subject doesn't he?

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