Thursday, March 19, 2009

To Be, or Not to Be

rick reilly, of espn, just posted an article questioning whether tiger woods would really go down as the best golfer of all time. an early entrance at the accenture match play and a lackluster performance at doral seems to have got people stirred up about whether tiger has it any more. are you kidding? after two performances with a long lay-off and surgery and these things already come to mind? can't we at least wait till the majors to assess things like this. tiger doesn't even warm up till the majors get here. besides, the one thing that he didn't do last week is putt. that'll come back easy.
reilly seemed to elude to the fact that jack was sitting a little more easy about his place in history and that his major record might still be intact. upon asked whether the nicklaus speed bump is growing, nicklaus replied, "i really don't know." "tiger's got an unbelievable work ethic, and he's so fit. but that knee makes it a little less certain." we all know that jack doesn't want his records broken. he even willingly admits it. he has stated that he wants tiger to be healthy so the injury will not be an issue of whether or not he can achieve "major" greatness. what jack is saying is after all this is said and done, i want to come out ahead of a healthy tiger so the discussion will be over. jack even went on to say that he had a lot more competition than tiger does. arnold, gary player, trevino, watson (all who have 6 or more majors each) provided jack with a lot of competition. today's contenders (phil, vijay, ernie) have 3 majors each. jack eludes to the fact that tigers contenders didn't have what his contenders did back in the day. however, i believe that if you are good enough then you force people out of contention. how many times would these guys had won if tiger hadn't been out there. so it's a matter of perspective. jack was nervous when the tiger of 2000 was coming along. the 2009 tiger is giving him some hope. what's ridiculous is that tiger hasn't played in a major since the last one he played in. by the way, he won it with a broke leg JACK!

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